About Us

Company Profile

BLS E-Services Limited (Erstwhile known as BLS E-services Private Limited) and its subsidiaries are leading integrated technology enabled service provider, providing Business Correspondents services to major banks in India and other valueadded services to the citizens at the grass-root levels across 28 states in India and E-Governance services across 5 states in India.

We provide access points for delivery of essential public utility services, social welfare schemes, healthcare, financial, educational, agricultural and banking services to governments (G2C) and businesses (B2B) alike apart from a host of B2C services to citizens in urban, semiurban, rural and remote areas.

Through our tech-enabled integrated business model, we provide digital and physical products and services in the G2C, B2C, B2B categories in semi-urban, rural areas where penetration of internet is low and citizens need assistance in availing basic technology enabled services. We organize our business along three primary business segments, (i) E-Governance Services; (ii) Business Correspondents Services; and (iii) Value Added Services. A key stakeholder in each of our business segments are merchants, with whom we collaborate for delivery of our products and services to the citizens. We facilitate delivery of various e-governance initiatives of the State Governments in India by providing various information communication technology (“ICT”) enabled citizen centric services (“E-Governance Services”) through our merchants also known as BLS touchpoints to the citizens. We also act as business correspondents (“Business Correspondents”)to provide banking products and services on behalf of banks to people while performing a variety of services including opening savings, recurring deposit accounts, cash deposits, withdrawals, remittance, transfer, bill collection services, etc Further, we provide a variety of value added services through BLS touchpoints, including PoS services, ticketing services, assisted e-commerce services, etc. Our diversified platform allows us to harness deep synergies and provides cross-selling and upselling opportunities to both consumers and businesses.

Distribution Network

We deliver our products and services through a variety of distribution channels depending on the primary business segment, geography and industry norms and trends. We have a “phygital” strategy, combining an extensive physical footprint with a digital platform that provides us with a wide coverage with last mile delivery reach. We are in turn also able to leverage the network across industries to advance our efforts in cross-selling and integration. Our “phygital” strategy comprises merchant networks, digital online capabilities and mobile applications.

Merchant Network

We believe that customer growth is most beneficial to us and is efficiently and sustainably achieved by expanding our merchant network into new regions and also within existing geographies where we operate. We enable each merchant with appropriate technology and knowhow to attract new, and service existing customers. Merchants are typically small neighbourhood shops and businesses, where the owners are from the local community and therefore, benefit from a pre-existing familiarity with the people who frequent their outlets.